A Market Top Today?

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According to our Master Market Forecast, we are heading towards a top taking place ideally today, as per the daily SPX500 chart below. Regardless of news coming out of Greece, China, Iran, or even a NYSE computer glitch, the markets … Read More

Wild Ride!

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Our June 29th post issued the following caution to our readers: A word of caution here. Over the next few days, we will be sailing through some turbulent waters (i.e. choppy markets). So, be very careful with how you position your … Read More

Synchronicity or Causality?!

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“Synchronicity” is a concept that was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe events that even though are meaningfully related, do not have any apparent causal relationship among them (i.e. no one event causes another). They are just … Read More

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