Where Are the Equity Markets Heading Next?

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Upon the decline of the US equity markets from their July 20th high, which came in after the lower-low that was formed on July 7th/8th, a number of market “experts” went public proclaiming that the end has come and that the US equity markets may have finally commenced their long-awaited decline. But you knew better and were forewarned not to be fooled by that market action!

So, what happened next? That decline was stopped in its tracks on July 27th and the markets turned around to make a nice rebound the past couple of days, as you can see in the SPX500 chart below with the Master Market Forecast plotted on it.

SPX500 20150729

The chart clearly shows that we are now heading into a high. What it does not show, however, is when that high will form and the very interesting market dynamics that will follow that high and which will have a very serious impact on most market participants!

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One more thing that I would also like to share with you here is that the US equity markets have recently been exhibiting a very interesting behavior. For the past three weeks or so, our proprietary software has showed us that the markets have been decelerating time-wise, as if they were taking their time to think about what to do next.

Could that just be the summer doldrums or is there anything more to it?! I will leave you with that question!

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