Wild Ride!

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Our June 29th post issued the following caution to our readers:

A word of caution here. Over the next few days, we will be sailing through some turbulent waters (i.e. choppy markets). So, be very careful with how you position your trades.

So how was that for turbulence?! Quite a ride, wasn’t it? Probably one of the most spectacular rides was today’s swing from a large drop early on in the day and back to make a stunning rebound. This is something that we sure do not see very often!

Below is an intraday snapshot of the SPX500’s chart from this afternoon.

SP500 20150707

Notice how the market hit its alpha price level and instantly made that spectacular rebound?!

What is even more spectacular is that our predictive models and forecasts have showed us this happening to the markets weeks in advance, long before the bailout talks with Greece took place and broke down!

It is very satisfying to see those models and forecasts work as expected and, more importantly, see them help our clients make money as well as avoid losing it!

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