Markets Compass is the world’s leading provider of high-accuracy, high-reliability market outlooks and informed hedging and market/investment risk management solutions. Our proprietary market outlooks are used by short-term, medium-term, and long-term investors, traders, and hedgers across the world to reliably and consistently gain an edge over the market.

Our strength comes from a strong team and years of diligent research into understanding why markets move the way they do, and what we have discovered over the years was nothing short of a breakthrough.

In a nutshell, others who have tried to forecast market behavior with consistency have failed to do so simply because they have confused correlation with causality. We, on the other hand, have built our systems and proprietary methodology on causality rather than correlation. As a result, our clients continue to tell us that they have never seen anything as accurate or as reliable as our work.

We have also used our outlooks to create the world’s most effective informed hedging and market/investment risk management solutions. We offer clients the full spectrum of hedging and market/investment risk management services from design, strategy, and structuring all the way to implementation and management, including full front-office, middle-office, and back-office operations. Whether our clients require a turnkey solution or a particular service, we have it covered.

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