When Will the Low in US Equity Markets Come in and What Is the Forecasted Market Turbulence All About?!

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Our Premium newsletter that went out this past weekend advised our Premium subscribers with the following:

Our models show the US equity markets topping out this weekend (Sunday Aug. 2nd to be exact), which means that the actual top may have come in on Friday, or may come in on Monday Aug. 3rd at the latest.

This week is expected to be a negative week for the US equity markets with a low expected to form on …

Sure enough, we did see a top forming last Friday, which was followed by a sharp decline!

That newsletter also advised our Premium subscribers of when the low will form, the date that the dangerous turbulence period will commence, its length, what the markets will be doing during that time, and how best to trade the markets during that dangerous period.

Today’s wild market action was just a glimpse of what will unfold next! Not even day-traders were spared today’ market action agony!

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