Market Turbulence

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Below is a snapshot of the upper portion of the Aug. 2nd newsletter that went out to our premium subscribers, which discussed, among other things, the details of the turbulence period that the markets are currently going through:

Premium Newsletter 20150802

The hidden content from the newsletter will be shared with you publicly at a later stage, to be fair to our paid premium subscribers.

The actual market low came in on Friday Aug. 7th with the S&P closing at 2,077.57, which is right in the middle of the 2,074 – 2,081 range that was provided as a price target in the premium newsletter above.

That low was followed on Monday Aug. 10th by an amazing rebound to the upside, with the S&P gaining back 23+ points and the Dow advancing 340 points.

That rebound was unfortunately short-lived, as the very next day, China decided “all of a sudden” to devalue its currency, the Yuan, against the US Dollar and caused the markets to wipe out the amazing gains that they made just a day earlier!

Well, this is how turbulent markets look like and, unfortunately, it’s not over yet!

As you were cautioned back on July 29th, this period of turbulence was expected to have a “very serious impact on most market participants” and, sure enough, this period has clearly proven itself to be a very dangerous one not only in the US but globally!

Our premium subscribers are fully aware of how long this turbulent period will last, how the markets will behave during this period, how best to trade the markets during these times, and the action that the markets will take next, which will once more catch most people off guard!

And as we look at what our forecasts tell us about the markets, we see very peculiar dynamics unfolding over the weeks and months to come. Those dynamics will for sure confuse the best market pundits and leave them clueless!

Our advice to everyone is to get prepared for what lies ahead by subscribing to our premium newsletter.

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