Second Down-Leg Completed

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The US equity markets completed their second corrective down leg on Sep. 4th as per our Master Market Forecast line shown in the chart below.

SPX500 20150908

The rebound from that low will not last long, however, as the markets will dip back soon. Our premium subscribers have been advised of the next two moves that the markets will be making and the dates of those moves.

The markets’ indecisiveness, which we are currently witnessing, comes in clear anticipation of next week’s Federal Reserve Board’s decision on interest rates and the lack of any signs of recovery in the Chinese market, which as of Aug. 26th, retraced 71% of the its remarkable rally from its March 20th, 2014 low of 2,086.97 to the June 8th, 2015 high of 5,353.75.

Our Master Market Forecast gives us an excellent indication of the decision that the Fed will make next week and how the markets will respond to that decision!

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