We Accurately Called Last Week’s Sharp Market Decline!

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Our proprietary models that accurately predict market behavior weeks and months in advance have once more helped our premium members safely navigate the sharp decline that the markets saw last week, and which we had accurately predicted weeks in advance and made available to our premium members during a time when the markets themselves were not even sure what they would do next!

Not only have our members protected their capital by following our forecast, but those who have decided to short the markets have aslo managed to make themselves a small fortune!

Below is a snapshot of an email that one of our premium members sent us this past Friday regarding our sharp market decline forecast, and which he has kindly agreed that we may share with the public. Thank you Rob!

Rob's Email

We always ensure that our premium members are kept well informed of how the markets will behave next so that they are at least one step ahead of the market itself (not to mention all other market participants) and sometimes they are even two or three steps ahead of the market! The confidence that an accurate market forecast gives traders/investors is truly unparalleled!

Our premium members know well what we are talking about, and we are very glad that they are benefiting from our very unique market foresight to protect their wealth and expand it further.

In the previous public article and the corresponding free newsletter that was sent out, we did caution the public of the “sharp decline to take place soon” without divulging the specifics of that decline, which was privy to our premium members.

Now that the second phase of market turbulence is upon us, however, we would like to leave you with another word of caution… Watch out for large scale whipsaws! The coming time period will be a dangerous one specially to swing traders!

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