Are You Prepared for What Will Happen to the Markets Next?!

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Below is an updated chart for the S&P with yesterday’s close versus its alpha price pressure curve and master market forecast (with a negative one day phase shift applied to it).

S&P vs forecast 20150609

As alluded to in our free newsletter that went out yesterday morning, the S&P did go on to hit its alpha curve and then instantly rebounded to close higher and form the low that we spoke about this past weekend.
What we did not reveal in the free newsletter, however, was whether this low is a mere rebound or something more than that!
As you could tell, we have intentionally revealed only a small strip of the forecast because anything more than that would have been unfair to customers who have paid to purchase the forecast.
Today’s one-million dollar question for you is: Are you prepared for what’s going to happen to the markets next?!
Odds are you are not!
One thing that we will tell here is that the market moves that we will see unfold next can either make you or break you!
What you need right now to sail through all the clutter, confusion and information overload that is out there is a simple, easy to use compass; our Markets Compass to be more exact!
As such, we very strongly recommend that you start out with at least the one month forecast, which you can upgrade at any time.
No matter what you do or which option you decide to go with, however, you cannot afford not to take action now!
It is high time for action and for profits and, trust us, you do not want to miss out on what will happen next!

Contact customer service and get you own markets compass now!

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