Market Forecast for the Week of June 8th

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We have received a number of inquiries about our proprietary master market forecast, which is one of our key tools that we use in forecasting the markets. So, we have decided to show you how it looks like!

Below is the chart of the S&P with the master market forecast drawn on it by our proprietary predictive software.

S&P Forecast 20150607

There are different settings that we use in our software to generate different curves for different purposes and of varying granularities. However, the one shown above is the key one that we currently use on our daily charts.

The master market forecast shows the forecasted time and overall behavior of the markets, not necessarily the actual price levels. We currently use other tools to determine price levels but our vision calls for enhancing this tool so that it becomes the one and only tool that we will ever need for forecasting market behavior, time, and price!

Imagine that we have had this same exact line on our daily S&P chart for months now and, as you can see, the market has been following it uncannily!

Now, this is not a backward-looking line by any means but a forward-looking one that extends on our charts indefinitely into the future! It is truly unlike anything that we have ever seen or heard of throughout our many years of research! Again, this is a proprietary tool that was developed fully in-house and does not exist anywhere else.

The curve in the chart above shows a low forming this week (with a small possibility of extending into the start of the following week). Now that you know that, your follow-up question would probably be, fine but where will the markets head from there?

The answer to that question is known to our clients who have purchased the forecast as part of our special advisory service (and to us of course!). Subscribers to our premium newsletter service also benefit from the market foresights that we send them as part of their subscriptions.

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