Did You See It Coming?!

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Against all odds and contrary to what most investors and hedge fund managers have “speculated”, our premium subscribers “knew” how exactly the markets were to behave on June 24th, the day the Brexit referendum results were due to be announced.

In the June 19th premium newsletter, we shared with our premium subscribers the Master Market Forecast that showed June 24th ushering in a sharp decline in equity markets and a corresponding rally in gold. The blue line in the chart below is the Master Market Forecast, which is known to us months in advance!


SPX500 20160704


While almost everyone was “betting” that the UK would vote to remain in the EU, we were among the very few who were “confident” that they will leave, simply because of what the Master Market Forecast told us would happen.

As a result, on Thursday June 23rd, we exited our long position in equities that we opened a week earlier for an 89% profit and right away opened our short position waiting for the Brexit referendum results to come out and surprise global markets!

Comes June 24th, the referendum results were announce and, sure enough, the UK voted to leave the EU! As forecasted, this news caused global equity markets to experience a very sharp drop, with US equities tumbling by around 6%.

While global markets lost hundreds of billions of dollars on that day, we were being rewarded very handsomely for following the forecast and being short the markets. We stayed in our position until Monday June 27th and exited our short position near the low of that day for a very nice 340% return in just two days! That was the end of the decline and the markets commenced a strong rally the following day, also in line with the forecast!

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