Today Will Be Another Big Reward Day!

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Chinese brokers worked for a whole 29 minutes today before the CSI 300’s circuit-breaker halted trading on that market after plunging over 7% for the second time this week!

This drop painted most stock markets across the globe in red. North American markets should see the same thing today, making today yet another big winning day for our short equities and long gold positions that we took last week.

We revealed our forecast of this sharp decline to our clients as early as Dec. 23rd along with the magnitude of the move and its timeframe. As such, they were positioned to take full advantage of this sharp decline at a time when everyone else was hoping for the markets to close positive for the year!

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Now that everyone else has seen in action what our clients took full advantage of before the new year holiday, the question that you need to ask yourself is when will this carnage end?!

Our clients know when this decline will end “exact to the day” and what it will do to the markets before it does; and they are taking full advantage of that information to kick off this new year with a fortune!

There is no guesswork in what we do! It is pure science, plain and simple! Nothing else can give you confidence in your trading / investing decisions like our forecasts!

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