Markets Retraced as Forecasted

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As our readers were cautioned before the markets opened yesterday, the US markets saw a retracement back up to or near the levels mentioned yesterday.

The Dow retraced through the 18,125 – 18,135 price area. The S&P was right on by touching 2,120 before closing lower. The NASDAQ did not manage to go all the way to 4,545, as it stopped around 4,540.

DJIA 20150603

S&P 20150603

NASDAQ 20150603

The markets have been closely following our master market forecast, which as of Tuesday June 2nd  momentarily pointed back up on the finer grained level, signaling a short-term upward retracement. Overall though, the model has been pointing down since our forecasted May 19th/20th high. On that level, we have still not hit the forecasted low yet. Our special advisory clients already know when we expect that to happen well in advance.

For our newer readers, the master market forecast shows how the markets are expected to behave throughout the entire year, a blueprint for the markets if you will.

This is one very unique tool that sets us apart in how we approach the markets and, as such, provides our clients with a great edge over other market participants. See below for how to subscribe to this service.

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