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Our short-term trader’s premium newsletter provides subscribers with a blueprint for the markets’ behavior over the following 1-3 weeks.

It delineates the path that markets are forecasted to follow in the short-term future, including overall market behavior, turning dates, price targets, relative highs and lows, momentum, and other key insights.

This newsletter is ideal for serious swing traders and short-term investors who need to know with a high degree of confidence what the markets will do in the near future. The newsletter currently focuses on US equity indices, crude oil, and gold, with work currently underway to extend it to other markets.

This newsletter employs the greatest set of our proprietary tools, studies, and models including our flagship Master Market Forecast, the most accurate market forecasting methodology that is available anywhere, which delineates a clear picture of how the markets should behave days, weeks, months and years into the future including trends, turning points, relative highs and lows, momentum, and general behavior.

Since this particular newsletter is concerned with swing trading and short-term investments, the forecasting timeframe that it typically covers ranges from 1-3 weeks. Other timeframes can be requested by contacting customer service here.

Below is a sample weekly Master Market Forecast for SPX500 for the week of Dec. 7-11, 2015 followed by the actual chart through Dec. 10th, which is when the snapshot was taken. This period was chosen due to the high volatility nature of the markets before the Dec. 15th/16th Fed meeting. It shows that regardless of what will happen in the future, our forecast has it covered!

SPX500 Forecast Dec 7-11,2015

And here is the actual chart through Dec. 10th.

SPX500 Actual Dec 7-11,2015

Such a powerful and high accuracy forecast is the closest that you can get to owning a copy of your favorite financial journal days and weeks in advance!

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