Below are the monthly returns on our model portfolio which uses leveraged instruments and utilizes the same short-term (and sometimes also medium-term) forecasts that we share with our clients. To become a client, click here.

Month                 Monthly Returns                 Remarks
Dec. 2015 +47.60%
Jan. 2016 +95.00% Large returns from pre-new year short position in equities in anticipation of the forecasted sharp decline that took the markets down by around 13% through the third week of January.
Feb. 2016 +35.10%
March 2016 +59.48%
April 2016 +39.83%
May 2016 +36.49%
June 2016 +207.14% The short position in equities and long position in precious metals opened on June 23rd (the day before the Brexit results were announced) in anticipation of a “Yes” vote, as clearly indicated by our forecast, were the main contributor to this month’s huge returns.
July 2016 +38.97%
Aug. 2016 +55.44% The summer doldrums in equities were more than compensated for by precious metals.
Sep. 2016 +63.94%
Oct. 2016 +46.02%



Compounded returns since Dec. 2015: +4,760.08%
Average profit/loss per position: +95.14%
Average number of calendar days in position: 7.25 days

(Last updated on Oct. 30, 2016)

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